an adu for the everyday person

A Family with Medical Needs.


"An environmentally-sound home means lower monthly expenses." By converting the garage, I am able to live closer to my daughter an son-in-law.

ADU: Detached Existing Garage

Interest: We are ok.  But we are looking for a more EconomicallySustainable Options

Solution: 350 SF ADU 

A Retired Teacher


"I thought I was prepared for retirement." Rising cost of living means an ADU will provide greater options - to live in the main house or move into the ADU at a later date.

ADU: Detached Existing Garage

Interest: What is the Process?

Solution: 500 SF ADU

A 5-th Generation Owner.


"Our neighborhood is changing. Of 24 houses only 5 are still owned by African-American families."  This is our home.  An ADU will help us stay here.

ADU: Detached New Structure

Interest: We have owned our home for five-generations. How do we Finance our ADU?

Solution: 800 SF ADU